UNMIK: KLA murders and abductions of Serbs in Kosovo were never investigated… (Another Western CoverUp?)


BROTHERS IN ARMS & BROTHERS IN CRIMES- NATO commanders Clark, Jackson, and „hysterical AntiSerb“ Bernard Kouchner pictured here with KLA commanders (war criminals) Hashim Thaci and Agim Cheku ….


UNMIK: KLA murders in Kosovo were never investigated

Posted on March 2, 2013 by

The UNMIK Human Rights Advisory Panel published today its decision in the case of the failure of UNMIK to investigate the abduction/murder of persons killed by the Albanian-led “Kosovo Liberation Army” in June 1999.


It is worth noting that they also mention that the ICTY was aware of the case, but no investigation by them was conducted either.

The panel found that the failure to investigate constituted a violation of Article 2 of the European Convention of Human Rights and has called upon UNMIK to publicly acknowledge responsibility for its failure to investigate into the disappearance/killing to the family members of the victims and to make a public apology to them.


Serbian civilians were abducted in a broad daylight, literally before the eyes of NATO (KFOR) forces and UNMIK police, who did nothing to prevent it … (Western values?)


The decision pointed out that 351 kidnappings, 6754 murders and 115 rapes had been reported to them in the period between June 1999 and December 2000, during the period of UNMIK/NATO responsibility in the Province.

It is interesting to note that the current Prime Minister of Kosovo, Hasim Thaci, was one of the commanders of the KLA at the time that most of the killings occurred, but was never indicted by either the ICTY or UNMIK.


Some of the abducted Serbs have ended in this infamous „Yellow House“ in N/E Albania, to be butchered alive for their organs by their captors from the ranks of terrorist’ KLA and Albanian mafia. There are allegations, that some top NATO and UNMIK officials were also involved in this „human organ trade“, and its subsequent cover-up ….


A copy of the decision is at this LINK







Illustrations and comments (in blue) by SERBian FBReporter (M. Novakovic)

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