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Russians are coming- be ready to deal with it, or „turn your tail and run“…

Some from the Serbian government’ establishment „don’t like“ Russians, but „Russians are coming“- be ready to deal with it, or „turn your tail and run“…

30 November 2013, SERBian FBReporter

By Miodrag Novakovic

@Darko Trifunović „Such idiot. How he can interfere in internal affairs of Serbia? Is that brotherhood approach of big Russian brother? I do not want Russian ambassador or any others to tell me what to do! Get out hand of Serbia!“(comment of Dr Darko Trifunovic (Secretary of Institute for „State security“ @ „Faculty of internal affairs“ in Belgrade) on Blic’ article: http://english.blic.rs/In-Focus/10057/Russian-ambassadors-threat-to-Serbia-NATO-red-line )  –

You, Mr. Trifunovic, as a secretary of an „strategic“ government institution, should know better then to use such profane language to describe an diplomatic official who comes from one of the friendliest country to Serbia. And nowadays there are not to many such Serbian friends, as the honorable Russian ambassador Mr. Aleksandr Chepurin…

If you have read carefully through the above Blic’ text, you would notice comment from your colleague Predrag Simic, who made remark that nothing is strange for Russia meddling into Serbian internal affairs, because until now South Africa (this is of course satiric comment) was the only country not to interfere into the „submissive to West, and politically castrated“, corrupted Serbian government.

You know to well, that since 2000 all important Serbian government’ decisions were done inside the walls of major Western embassies in Belgrade (beside Brussels and Washington).

As you stated that- you „do not want Russian ambassador or any others to tell me what to do! Get out hand of Serbia!“ – Now I expect from you nothing less, but to issue the same public warning to all Western ambassadors and EU envoys, that at present time openly meddling (and blackmailing our country) into Serbian internal affairs. Or maybe you are to afraid to do so, because at the end of the day, you are (in)directly on their payroll !?

To conclude this „replica“- In my personal belief: Russian’ concern with NATO taking militarily over country- where Russians are investing multimillion (in your favorite currency- dollars) projects, which will be for the benefits of, not only Russians, but for Serbian nation as well- is fully justified.

If we, as a nation and government wish to be honest in this relationship with Russia, we should at least remain militarily neutral (or, if we are forced to chose, than we have to side only with our historical, natural, cultural and proven „brotherly friends“… And such friends of Serbia, today certainly are not in the imperialistic West, but rather on the East – where they always used to be…

Miodrag Novakovic, FBR editor

Excerpt from the discussion within Facebook group „UNMIK“- https://www.facebook.com/groups/422786171118022/


Bioterrorism and the New World Order (II)

Bioterrorism and the New World Order (II)

Igor IGNATCHENKO | 21.09.2012 | 00:00 Comments: 1
 Strategic Culture Foundation

Part I

In February 2009, Baxter, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Austria, distributed among 16 laboratories in 4 countries some 62 kg of substance to be converted into seasonal flu vaccine. A technician in a Czech lab discovered that the material carried two live viruses of flu, one – a fairly ordinary seasonal brand which is highly contagious but is known to have the lethality under 1%, the other – a flu which has a limited potential to spread but proves lethal in around 60% of the cases. The combination could produce a virus both extremely transmissible and deadly, and we owe it to the clever technician that no epidemic erupted, considering that 62 kg of the substance could translate into thousands of dozes of tinted vaccine.

Jane Burgermeister, an Austrian journalist, published her own investigation into the above case and, based on the findings, filed criminal charges against the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN, and the government officials of a number of countries. She accused Baxter of bioterrorism, but, even though the company admitted that the frightening report concerning the vaccine was true, the corresponding probe stalled within the WHO and Baxter was entrusted with the task of developing the vaccine against the Influenza A virus.

The current ecological situation in the Gulf of Mexico, another shocking example, is best described as state-supported bioterrorism. Ian Crane, former oil industry executive turned human rights activist, expressed a view in a 2010 conversation broadcast by the Voice of America that the objective behind the Gulf of Mexico developments is to exterminate the region’s population, where, according to local activists’ accounts, over 100,000 people already had the BP flu also known as the Blue Plague. Millions are yet to be affected, and BP spends enormous amounts of money to prevent human rights activists from talking on the issue on the nationwide scale. In February, 2011 Col. Michael Edward (ret.) published an opinion piece titled «The Gulf Blue Plague is Sanctioned Bio-terrorism», where he stated that «this purposefully engineered biological war will soon become a world war as the horizontally transferred synthetic genes extend their silent tendrils through the water and air. It’s already begun to abruptly manifest in fish, birds, mammals, and humans». Edward says four genetically altered bacteria originally designed as oil-munching are, at the moment, to be found in the Gulf and «the skin ulcers, boils, rashes, pneumonia, lesions, internal hemorrhaging, along with many more symptomatic results, are directly tied to these synthetically DNA altered bacteria. They are responsible for new and unknown pathogenic diseases where current antibiotics have very little or no effect». The «horizontally transferred genes», Edwards holds, cause similar problems in all forms of life from plankton to whales and humans.

Last year, a US national ran across a storage area near Atlanta, Georgia, where the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) of the US Department of Homeland Security stored 500,000-1,000,000 plastic coffins of various sizes, some big enough to contain five corpses. Moreover, FEMA is known to run a huge number of detention camps scattered all over the US. In the past years, the Halliburton company has constructed over 800 of them in Texas, Virginia, Maryland, Arizona, Alaska, not far from Fairbanks, and the Mojave Desert in California, with roads or railroads connecting the facilities to a wider transit network and aerodromes or copter sites on premises. No meaningful official explanation as to the purpose of storing coffins in such quantities or building the prisoner camps has ever been supplied. Hints were dropped that preparations for a massive war on drugs could be the reason, but that sounds unconvincing, especially since anti-narcotics activities are not a part of FEMA’s mission.

Information surfaces increasingly often that the US Army is retraining servicemen to operate domestically. The Internet writings by soldiers returning from Iraq leave no doubt that, while in the country, they exercised to launch cleaning raids and firearm seizures in the US. The Army servicemen have reportedly been offered tests intended to gauge their readiness to shoot, under specific circumstances, their countrymen, including friends and family members.

Washington-based author Rand Clifford published an essay «America! Be Truly Afraid» exposing the US government’s secret plans and warning Americans about the repressions they might face in the foreseeable future. Once the martial law is imposed, the now-idle camps, with the guards already in place, would be fully operational to start absorbing dissenting US citizens. «Like Nazi extermination camps, many of the FEMA camps have red/Blue lines: «Red List – These are enemies of the New World Order. Two weeks before martial law they could be taken from their homes and flown to camps for immediate extermination. Generally, these are people in leadership roles or other public positions. Blue List – Also enemies of the New World Order but not necessarily leaders. After martial law these people could be rounded up for „re-programming“ in the camps. Survivors will be used mostly for slave labor». Overall, Clifford projects «the scuttling of the United States as a sovereign nation to make way for the corporate/fascist New World Order» and claims that «Pastors and other religious representatives are being groomed into secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to «obey the government» in the run-up to martial law, property and firearm seizures, mass vaccination programs and forced relocation». Notably, the coffins storage site and the US Center for Disease Control are located in the same area.

With the US population’s living standards falling, the US Administration braces for anti-government campaigns staged by armed Americans who see no justification for extracting astronomic sums of money to bail out private banks instead of helping the hardworking citizens make ends meet. For the US elite, the martial law or a state of emergency under which FEMA and similar agencies which have trained for decades to handle ambiguous situations may be an attractive option. Under the scenario, the Readiness Exercise 1984 (REX-84) program would be activated, its elements being the slapping of the military law on the country, forced relocations, and the detention of the defiant. A biological attack launched by an obscure terrorist group – a false flag operation, in military terms – would serve to throw in a pretext for giving the plan the green light. It is widely held that the August, 1995 Hurricane Katrina presented FEMA with an opportunity to practice relocating masses of the population to camps and establishing military rule in a particular region with the hands of private security contractors. The notorious Blackwater played a big role in the game. It seems that the only issue unclear so far is at what time and under what pretext a decision in favor of the repressive turn is going to be made…

Speaking of the hantavirus outbreak in the Yosemite National Park, the hypothesis that comes to mind is that M. Romney’s team will be there to draw maximal gains from the situation by charging Obama and his Administration with lack of attention to the national security in general, and to its biological warfare aspect in particular. Obviously, Romney will announce that the US needs strong-arm policies to beat the incoming threats, saying nothing about the dictatorship which the policies are supposed to bring about.


Russia shows USAID the door. US insulted and humiliated!

Russia shows USAID the door. US insulted and humiliated

20.09.2012Oleg Artyukov, Pravda.Ru

Russia shows USAID the door. US insulted and humiliated. 48039.jpeg

The decision to terminate the activity of the United States Agency for International Development, USAID, in Russia has expectedly caused a great deal of noise. Human rights advocates are in shock, State Department is calming them down, Senator McCain said that this was an insult to the U.S., and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs explains why it shut down USAID.

Before the incident, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said that the U.S. has recently learned about the Russian government’s decision to put an end to the activities of USAID in Russia. She added, „We are extremely proud of what USAID has accomplished in Russia over the past two decades.“

The Agency for International Development was established in 1961, and the act of its creation was signed by U.S. President John F. Kennedy. The agency began its work In Russia in 1992. For 20 years, according to Nuland, USAID has spent $2.7 billion in Russia. Of which, not very confidently said the State Department spokeswoman, a third went to „the development of democracy.“

Of course, USAID has worked not only with human rights activists, but also with government agencies, large local companies, etc. The human rights activists, of course, are upset the most.

In particular, the decision to close the agency’s office in Russia extremely upset the association „The Voice“, which monitors elections. „The hastiness and sudden nature of this decision is apparently related to the elections on October 14. We will look for any means to maintain at least the web project (“ Map of election fraud.)“, said Shibanova. The executive director of „The Voice“ is not concerned by the fact that the activities of the association monitoring Russian elections depended entirely on the help of USAID.

The Russian Foreign Ministry, meanwhile, confirmed that the termination of USAID activity in Russia is connected with the attempts to influence the political process. „The Russian Foreign Ministry officially informed the U.S. side that the activities of the U.S. Agency for International Development in the Russian Federation should be discontinued starting October 1st of this year. Such a decision is due primarily to the fact that the nature of the agency representatives in our country did not always meet the stated goals of promoting bilateral humanitarian cooperation,“ said in his statement Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich.

„This decision (to shut down USAID) is made due to attempts of the agency to influence political processes, civil society institutions, and elections at various levels, through distribution of grants,“ he said.

The longtime „well-wisher“ of Russia, Republican Senator John McCain, described Moscow’s closure of the USAID mission as „an insult to the United States and a finger in the eye of the Obama Administration.“

The Senator’s concerns are understandable. The agency mission was not the distribution of grants alone. Media had reports that USAID served as a cover for the activities of organizations that are anything but charitable. Insulting or not, but the incident is indeed not a pleasant one for Washington.